The "Modify Me" Brow

What is the "Modify Me" Brow?

Brown Eyes

The "Modify Me" signature brow is curated to create the perfect eyebrow. After a thorough consultation and discussion about the client objectives, we are able to create a defined, crisp brow that is suited to the clients facial features, tones, proportions and desired outcome. With careful precision, focus, use of quality renowned products and training the "Modify Me" signature brow is transformed.  

What's Is The "Modify Me" Brow Process?

  1. Thorough consultation in regards to clients objectives.

  2. Assess the brow and the clients skin.

  3. Cleanse the brow.

  4. Map the brow (if required).

  5. Brush and trim the brows.

  6. Dust the brows for removal of oils.

  7. Start the waxing process in sequence.

  8. Remove any hairs with tweezers which weren't epilated.

  9. Re-brush the brows and trim if required.

  10. Apply tint the "Modify Me" way.

  11. Once the tint is processed, remove the tint the "Modify Me" way.

  12. Cleanse around the brows.

  13. Perform a second wax if required for extra definition.

What To Consider When Booking

  • Ensure no fake tan is on the skin where the brow is to be tinted and waxed.

  • Discontinue use of Retinols or Vitamin A skincare products 4 days prior to treatment. 

  • If you are taking any medications that affect your skin, please let us know before booking.

How To Maintain Your Fresh Brows?

  • Do not cleanse the brows for 24 hours after your treatment.

  • Do not use make-up remover or wipes over the brows between appointments.

  • Do not use any harsh cleansers or skincare products on the brows for 48 hours after your treatment. 

  • Re-book your "Modify Me" brows for 3-4 weeks time

Price List

The "Modify Me" Signature Brow  $30

Includes Everything In The "Modify Me" Process (mentioned above).

Cleanse, Map, Trim, Wax, Tint & Tweeze.